Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Writers of Conscience

This morning I had dream about a great movement. More people were writing with their hearts and not with their minds. The truths of conscience proved that humans can be compassionate and loving towards each other. The rationale for war was overwhelmed by the cries for love and mercy. The writers of Conscience were here to save us from our calculating, rational minds. We need more teachers like Christ instead of more would-be tyrants like Machiavelli. We can only live by one example. Those who proclaim themselves as Christians while unjustly accumulating wealth and power at the price of others' lives and liberty, are they not the biggest hypocrites of our time? The evangelism coming from Colorado Springs is unholy and overrun by false prophets. God will be their judge but we who know Christ must stand for what is true in our hearts. Love, Compassion, Mercy.


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