Friday, June 03, 2005

Krauthammer unworthy of Post column

In response to Charles Krauthammer's op-ed appearing in Washington Post Friday June 3, 2005

Let’s get one thing straight Charles, there is absolutely no self-flagellation going on regarding the abuse at Guantanamo. Bush has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and has in fact denounced his critics as misled. In fact, misled is the way Bush would have us all remain if it weren’t for morally conscious people. Your initial statement about full-scale panic is ludicrous. If there is any panic going on, it is in the conscience of true Christians who are beginning to realize that Bush and his supporters are engaging in evil, inhumane, and torturous practices and then lying about it. Shame on you to point the finger at other terrorists and say "but look what they’re doing" as a justification for US injustice. "We know that al Qaeda operatives are trained to charge torture when they are in detention," is that true and verified Mr. Krauthammer? Were you at the training?
As far as your scale of human crimes is measured, I daresay that killing 2,973 people (not all have been confirmed as innocent) is the absolute worst. And what of holding innocent people incommunicado indefinitely, for years even? You may forget that no charges have been brought against many of the detainees and only recently have they been granted access to counsel after the Supreme Court ruled against the Bush administration. In your attempts to legitimize abuse of "infidels" you’re suggesting they are would-be terrorists and they must be detained until the war on terror is over. When will that be Mr. Krauthammer, when all the would-be terrorists are dead? Can you understand that all US terror-suspect-detention facilities are operating in defiance of international law? If you want to talk about hypocrisy Mr. Krauthammer, we should talk about liberty. Because that’s what the ACLU is fighting for and that’s what the Bush administration is trying to deny, even though he says the US is fighting for it. Whether it’s free speech or freedom from illegal detention, I’m thankful that we have those freedoms, and we should be insisting on those provisions for everyone without deprivation of due process. As for discrimination and concern for civilian safety, I don’t think killing an innocent Iraqi couple in front their children is exemplary. We Americans have hardly seen a true picture of the war because of voluntary media censorship (in the interest of good taste and corporate profit) so I’m not sure how you can make such a claim about the entire global war on terrorism. In the end, your column is just plain garbage and I’ll be sure to never read it again unless you’re trying to trash freedom of the press, in which case I should like to respond again. I will pray that you consider the words and deeds of Jesus Christ when you’re talking about humane treatment of others. You may discover that Bush is no Christian by his deeds, nor is anyone who would support him.


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