Monday, May 23, 2005

clubbing's in the house on Monday night BET

At 2:06 AM pitbull was aired on BET
followed by blowin up phatty koo.
Pepsi commercial- fanstastic voyage pimped out humvee delivery truck
followed by the smaller hummer commercial - showing perfect parallel park.
pantene shampoo color radiance 2 black women
Bounty paper towl 2 black kids.
Pringles commercial - white elites at a resort
Vibeline 18009611000 it's off the hook"try it free!"
Access granted R Kelly - musical mini drama
MLB in HI-DEF Comcast
Comcast MLB HI-DEF
Health insurance Prudent Choice 100% guaranteed and $300 free.
log onto BET
The Bentley Coupe - Ashanti


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