Wednesday, April 06, 2005

GOP's "mainstream"

Letter to the Washington Post,

Upon reading your article by Ronald Brownstein, [GOP Pounces on Byrd Link to Liberal Group, Wednesday, April 6] I remain only confused by Brian Nick’s portrayal of Byrd as "out of the mainstream," for taking campaign money through the "out of touch" progressive organization. I’m wondering what Nick’s "mainstream" actually means. What is the GOP definition of mainstream, and isn’t it different from the Democrat’s? Isn’t America divided politically? Furthermore, how does Nick know what characterizes those people who would be "in the mainstream," or as he labels MoveOn, "out of touch with West Virginia?" Your article does not mention if Brian Nick has ever been to West Virginia. This GOP "pounce" is more of a knee-jerk response, and seems a rather pathetic attempt to portray MoveOn members and beneficiaries as "out of touch" with reality. It’s incredible to see Tom DeLay’s Republicans complaining about campaign donations from legitimate organizations. I wonder who’s really out of the mainstream? Could Republicans simply be jealous they don’t have an efficient organization to reach the masses? As an ordinary citizen who believes in Senator Byrd for taking a stand and being a leader of conscience, I was one of the 3,500 first-time contributors through MoveOn. It was average Americans like myself contributing less than $100 who raised the money for Byrd. Frankly, I can’t afford the $500 a head, no-press-allowed, fundraising dinners the Republicans expect from the "mainstream."


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