Sunday, April 24, 2005

Navasky is spot on...

Letter to the LA Times

Kudos for Victor Navasky's piece re: Objectivity is highly overrated (April 24). The public relies on journalists and the free press to make subjective sense of the facts. There’s simply too much information, let alone dis-information, being regurgitated by the press in the name of objectivity. Without journalists to make sense of the stories, the public is left with no greater insight than before the report of objective facts. It’s the journalists’ obligation to present subjective framework or context which make sense of the facts. Otherwise, the average American is too busy to fit the pieces together and the news ultimately means nothing. To be a democracy of quality we need quality of discourse. To be fair to David Westin and ABC, whose news programs could use more information and less sensationalism, his remarks seem well-suited to television news shows which currently hold very little informative value.


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