Friday, April 22, 2005

Conservative Christians - Always ready to annihilate their adversaries...

Letter to the LA Times

Dear Editor,
RE: Frist initiative creates Rift in GOP base, April 24. Why do radical Republicans in the Senate feel they must go nuclear instead of seeking compromise? In choosing to force controversial judicial appointments by scrapping the filibuster, 51 Republicans are representing the interests of whom exactly? I hear no one besides conservative Christian groups supporting the so-called nuclear option. I’m baffled by the severity of such drastic measures caused by a single powerful special interest. Surely there are enough good Christian judges who are qualified for the federal bench on which we can all agree? Why bring the Senate to destruction? Prior to the "Justice Sunday" simulcast featuring Senator Frist, I’m betting most of the church-going audience has very little knowledge about the nominees themselves or what their rulings suggest about their views. Judging by the nature of the broadcast (which was to portray Democrats using the filibuster against people of faith), I doubt if viewers will be anymore informed if just plain angry and ready to pledge money for TV ads supporting the nuclear option. This particular judicial matter has very little to do with religion however; the nominees seem more concerned with protecting inter-state commerce, relaxing environmental regulations, and eliminating social programs. So why are a few Republican senators trying to make this a religious issue? Is it simply because conservative Christians are their constituency? What’s puzzling then is why, in the same week they’re about to use the nuclear option, they feel compelled to reach out to their churches to portray the filibuster as an illegitimate liberal power-grab? Why would Senators feel they must explain the issue in such a manner? Why sling make-believe mud on your constituents so they’ll get angry at Democrats? Instead, why not share the nominees’ records of rulings and decisions? If they are so deserving of confirmation that Republicans would resort to "M.A.D." politics, why then, do most Americans know nothing about the nominees? Why aren’t Republicans announcing to the world the great jurisprudence of the nominees and encouraging healthy debate on their degree of activism? Instead they’re crying foul at the minority who waves a simple banner, "don’t tread on me." I am a Christian and I am ashamed by the Republican party.


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