Monday, June 06, 2005

Scary fascist philosophy in Baltimore

Letter to the Baltimore Sun
I was appalled to read Sara Neufeld’s account of high school classroom attention on Watergate (June 3, 2005). Carnegie Corporation president Vartan Gregorian recently stated, "I believe there are two professions that are the most crucial for democracy, and are needed to make it safe: teaching and journalism."
What do statements by Cantonsville High School philosophy students say about the quality of our education with respect to democracy? "One student said, ‘the public should only know so much.’" Why do our schools seem unable to instill the values of democracy, where government is by the people, for the people? If more than half the philosophy class believes that ensuring democracy through the First Amendment is unethical, the future of this country is really in trouble. I will certainly encourage my friends to avoid living anywhere near Baltimore.


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