Saturday, August 27, 2005

My First Radio Show!

on Portland Indymedia web radio... LISTEN HERE!
Features an interview with headlining DJ for Versus II Drum n Bass party that was violently shut-down by 90 para-military style troops in Utah County, UT. For more information on this event...

Wikinews article - (see sources info at bottom)

If you're concerned about civil rights and the lack thereof, please consider contacting the Utah County Commission's Office - and follow this story for more information.

If you've been in the bubble, we had a skinhead rally here in Cascade Locks, Oregon where the organizers allegedly lied on their permit application - nevertheless the authorities allowed and actually protected the rally for several days. It's the double-standard here that's most disturbing to me.

Friday, August 26, 2005

religion and oil

Dear editor,

My sincere thanks for the candid piece about the future (or lack thereof) of oil (New York Times Magazine). I am disheartened by accounts of anger and hostility directed at gas stations recently noted in an AP story. I would cite two deficiencies in the nation’s ability to properly inform its populace. The corporate media seems reluctant to prepare consumers for this reality until the Bush Administration gives some indication to do so. The Times stands out as a worthy exception to this subterfuge.

Secondly, we should focus attention to our spiritual leaders for guidance. The Judeo-Christian texts have a recurrent theme of unrighteousness followed by wrath of God, followed by redemption or salvation for those who honored God during the unrighteousness. It is easy to see elements of antagonistic fundamentalist “Christian” leaders who suggest the US forcefully control other nations’ oil supplies – there’s no shortage of attention on these false prophets. But what we’re lacking as a nation is the compassion and mercy that will be necessary to see us through these times of tribulations.

This is when we need real spiritual guidance to show us the way. There are many ecumenical movements that recognize this and are creating real solutions, but they are not getting the proper attention because their message is not what people want to hear. No one wants to be told they can’t have their gasoline for $1.80. This is why we have aggressive gas-guzzlers taking their frustration out on others.

Sadad al-Husseini, the former Aramco executive says it is consumers, not producers who are to blame. This is only half the story - It would be entirely possible for producers to mandate, “for every barrel we produce for you today, we’re going to set aside one barrel for your children and one barrel for your grandchildren.” How could someone argue with that? The producers are equally to blame - although their children could profit enormously tomorrow when the barrel of oil is worth three times as much, they are choosing to meet a reckless demand so they can profit today.

The baby-boom generation and their parents have an insatiable appetite for personal comfort and wealth – modern living through petro-chemistry. It is certainly up to religious and moral leaders to show them the error of their ways. The immense selfishness of consumers who believe they’re entitled to all the oil they want, and producers, who profit by giving it to them, will be our downfall.

The great will in our nation at war to make personal sacrifices is gone. Supposedly there’s a war on terror but Americans are not being led to do what is right for our energy independence – the media and our moral leaders are complicit in this failure. Every time we fill up the tank, a little bit of money heads towards religious extremists – Christian and Muslim, and they certainly want our money to finance their crusades and jihads. This county is becoming frazzled by greed and religious extremism, it’s past time for moderation. We must seek to foster compassion, sacrifice, and unity and address the real issues before us – the survival of our children. There’s a story about Abraham who went up to the mountain because God told him to sacrifice his son. God was testing him.

The alternatives to foreign oil are here in this country and they involve reducing our greenhouse gas emissions – this is not ethanol, which is yet unproven (but heavily subsidized because of the “Red” corn states). Rather we need to look at transportation infrastructure shifts to railroads and the use of biodiesel fuels. Coupled with that, localized sustainable farming practices reduces food transportation costs. Alternative transportation, better mileage, and increased emission standards will all help. Thank goodness some of the states are getting it. It’s up to our moral leaders and the media to work together to pass this test.
Let’s pray God can see us through.

The irony is, the behavior of the consumers, particularly American consumers, is anti-Christian. So here is America, a supposedly great Christian nation, waging hostility and aggression on nations such as Iraq, Iran and Venezuela, because of her selfish want of oil – to a true Christian, this behavior is disgusting and sinful.

There are many false prophets such as Pat Robertson who advocate for greed and selfishness, these poor souls have given in to temptations of the flesh, they want more and newer shiny things to make them feel worthy. Again, they are all deceived by the devil. It is not material wealth that Christ wants for His followers – it is Spiritual wealth. Unfortunately this nation’s conservative so-called “Christian” leaders are all about the bling bling. It is clear that our political elite are beholden to the Satan within multi-national capitalism or “vulture” capitalism wherein the drive is to consume or “acquire” competitors. They went down to the crossroads on K Street in Washington and sold their soul to the devil. In lining their pockets with kickbacks, our Federal government has abandonded the people its members swore to serve.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson and the perversions of religion.

An excellent treatment of the anti-christ in "vulture capitalism" and its inherent perversion of Christianity. By
William Hughes

Stay Tuned for Possible Radio Interview with Utah County Attorney


I am a journalism student with an assignment on civic life and faith. I would be very pleased to speak with someone from the Utah County Attorney's office this thursday or friday morning.
Sample questions - How did you get to be a county attorney?
What part of your faith or personal constitution is fulfilled by your work?
Is your workplace environment accepting of your spirituality - do you feel comfortable expressing your faith in the office?

I'm also compelled to ask about the recent rave bust that may or may not have been permitted correctly. You may have heard that a similar event was held in Cascade Locks, Oregon where a racist skinhead group allegedly misrepresented themselves on their permit application. That rally was conducted for two days "without incident" according to the police and the press.

I would very much appreciate your comments.

Addt.l question: When was the last time more than ten people were arrested together in Utah County?
Thank you.
I look forward to your e-mail or telephone response to schedule a recorded interview.
Best regards,

Sunday, August 21, 2005

WRLH-TV Richmond Ignoring Public Interest

Letter to FCC commissioners, Anchorwoman Diane Walker, et al.


I write with great concern regarding a dialogue exchange between a representative of Fox35/NBC12 in Richmond VA. My concern is the serious dereliction of public interest and accountability in providing news information that the public has expressed interest in. The response from the Sinclair representative Diane Walker seems to be - we only provide certain "news" stories that we want to provide.
I am including the query and response for your discernment. This failure to be accountable to the public is a serious issue for a broadcast licensee such as Sinclair - I hope you will take immediate action to suspend or revoke WRLH-TV's license - In any event, I respectfully ask this complaint be included in the file for WRLH-TV and for WWBT-TV NBC12 - although I'm not sure how Ms. Walker works for both as NBC12 claims to be owned by Jefferson Pilot Corporation while WRLH is owned by Sinclair Broadcasting - any explanation on this "news share" would be useful in determining public accountability. I have included information from the WRLH website below the e-mail exchange. I would ask that you evaluate the substance of Diane Walker's response in light of the claims made by their website. I look forward to your reply.

copy of e-mail exchange:

From: April Kung [] Sent: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 2:01 PM To:; Diane Walker; Curt Autry Subject: Fox News Richmond

Ever since moving to Richmond several years ago I have made the occasional unfortunate mistake of wasting an evening watching Fox News at 10. Each time I find myself equally disgusted by the nonsense that your network parades as "news."

Material concerning Madonna's fall from a horse, Dick Clark's plans for next New Year's eve, the fact that P Diddy is shortening his name to just plain "Diddy," a boat made entirely from popsicle sticks, people getting married at fast-food drive-throughs... What purpose do any of these stories serve that, in any way, justifies them as news?

And how do you justify your status as a news program in an alleged democracy while wasting valuable air-time on such irrelevant and inane drivel while serious issues that affect the lives of Americans go unmentioned and unquestioned?

What does it matter that administrators of a local elementary school altered SOL test answers if news programs such as yours do nothing to foster the development of, and inform, an educated and critical thinking audience?

What of the new energy bill and its impact on the people of this country and the world? Who benefits from these new policies and who loses? Why? What do the opponents and proponents of the bill have to say about it and what the long term ramifications might be?

Ten seconds on the Israeli pull-out of the Gaza Strip certainly left no time for any discussion on the position of the PA, nor on questions such as Israeli policy and activities on the West Bank.

What light can possibly be shed on Britain's anti-terrorism proposals, or the potential privatization of India's water, or carcinogenic rBGH in the nation's milk supply, or any number of ongoing worldwide and national conundrums while you clowns are blathering about the latest shade of lipstick, the length of Britany Spear's toenails or whatever new absurdity your team has planned to wow us hapless viewers with next?

As professionals in the field of journalism, every person on staff at Fox news should be deeply ashamed of themselves for their complicity in allowing the standards of news reporting in America to sink to this level.
Sincerely, April Kung wrote: April,

I'd love to have you as a regular viewer, however, it appears your mind is already made up. This is a democracy and you are free to choose where you get your news.
I hope you continue to "occasionally watch us.

Diane Walker News Anchor Reporter, Fox 35, NBC12
5710 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, Va. 23225 (804) 230-2620

WRLH-TV Richmond, VA is owned and operated by Sinclair - an excerpt from their website:"Sinclair continues to believe each of our stations is an important aspect of the communities in which they are located... Our news teams continue to win numerous awards for raising community awareness..."
Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. currently owns and operates, or programs, 62 television stations in 40 markets. Sinclair's television group includes FOX, WB, ABC, CBS, NBC, and UPN affiliates and reaches approximately 25.0% of all U.S. television households.

If Diane Walker's response is sincere, how could she love to have April Kung as a regular viewer if WRLH does not report the news Ms. Kung is seeking to learn? Furthermore and most important - Walker asserts Kung is "free to choose where you get your news," but this isn't much consolation when Sinclair owns WB, ABC, CBS, NBC, and UPN affiliates. I hope you understand my point. The enormous market advantage enjoyed by Sinclair means that they must be held to a very high standard of public interest - to ignore complaints and direct viewers to get their news elsewhere is unacceptable behavior. This is precisely the reason why these two licensees should be suspended immediately. I lived in Charlottesville, VA for seven years and can attest to the meaningless FOX reporting described by Kung.Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.