Thursday, January 18, 2007

on media and community

media plus community equals democracy

communication + people comming together = dialog


2 a : a conversation between two or more persons; b : an exchange of ideas and opinions [dialogues on human rights] c : a discussion between representatives of parties to a conflict that is aimed at resolution [dialogue between loggers and environmentalists]

4 : a musical composition for two or more parts suggestive of a conversation

Etymology: Middle English dialoge, from Anglo-French dialogue, from Latin dialogus, from Greek dialogos, from dialegesthai to converse, from dia- + legein to speak -- more at

At 4 am the truck outside my window is emptying the dumpster complete with cracking metal collisions of steel forks upon the large metal waste container.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow, Love, and Introspection

Horray! A thick blanket of snow has blessed the city of Portland with a few days off, right after Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This morning on the radio I heard a speech by him on the Vietnam war in which he called for the immediate cessation of the US military involvement. I think these words would be extremely timely right now with regards to Iraq.
I would encourage folks to find that speech and see for yourself how poignant his words still persist to this day.
The snowfall does a wonderful thing for couples in love. It's softening effect on the mind through the stillness and purity of the white fluffies falling from the sky. Christine and some friends and I took a walk through the local cemetery after sleeping in. Then we took another walk with friends to a diner where we had a really good hearty meal for a cold winter's day. Then we walked to the riverside and strolled down the esplanade to take in the calm Willamette river, and the downtown skyline.
Throughout these days, Christine and I have strengthened our relationship as we've learned more about each other and our particular dispositions and propensities. This is the growing part of love that I really appreciate despite the sometimes unpleasant moods.
So these experiences have led me of course to do some more introspection on the nature of my goals (none of which I can identify truthfully at this time) and my ability and/or determination to meet them. I have not engaged that process of goal creation (a la Stephen Covey) since my bandleading days in early 2000-2001.
Since moving to Portland, my goals have morphed into actions related to systemic change in our existence of humankind - Christianity and capitalism to be specific. The two are wildly incongruent despite what our priests and politicians claim. Christ taught his followers to covet nothing and that giving is better than taking. Capitalism teaches the opposite.
Well, I've taken note that the dollar will continue its decline in value on the world financial market and I'm wondering if I should get over to Europe and start making some Euros. I mean the smart people are investing in gold, copper, and other metals where the purity can be physcially tested. The "purity" of the dollar right now is tainted with blood of the innocent and the sweat and tears of the helpless.
I'm wondering if my friends and family would care to help sponsor a trip for me to invest what few dollars I have in Euros so as to afford us some financial stability in the event of a dollar collapse. I'm just gonna put it out there that that's what I'd like to do...
As far as setting up 5 year goals, it's a rather daunting task because there is no more status quo, we are in uncharted waters as a human civilization and I find myself among those who are calling for Western civilization to be assisted in its own suicide (if only to alleviate the pain and suffering of countless living humans and innocent animals). But I will be forming some solid 5 year goals that I know are achievable. ciao!