Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Kudos to AP writer Jennifer Loven!

letter to Associated Press

Greetings AP,

I normally despise most AP stories for the tight control and omission of meaningful political critique and analysis. I was thankful to read Jennifer Loven's article of March 18, 2006 "Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches" because it touched on the one of the reasons why I cannot stand to listen to GW Bush. He is a right-wing political spin machine and the press hardly ever questions the horse shit that pours from his mouth daily.
You have a talented and courageous writer in Jennifer Loven and if she or the AP is being critized for this story I pray you will defend her excellent journalism and promote more of it. The world needs more writers like her and if you were to encourage her kind of responsible journalism, I might then be inclined to buy a daily paper here in Oregon which relies heavily on AP newswire. Otherwise, I will continue to lament the right wing corporate-driven "news" ie spin that plagues your newswire, especially concerning political critique and the struggle of Palestinians whose AP news reports are filtered by Israel.
The whole world knows the degree to which you are complicit in promoting or refusing to cover US imperialist actions such as the Humphreys military base expansion in the Peyongtaek region in S. Korea. Innocent farmers and their families are being forced from their land, arrested and beaten as they try to defend their freedom [see story]. Yet you ignore this issue. Who is your correspondent and what stories has he/she filed? I hope you will continue to improve the integrity of your services with writers like Jennifer Loven - she deserves a raise. Thank you.

Portland, OR