Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Reflections on a rebirth... of sorts

The story for my birthday said, "You approach this year with soul, and therefore, soulful people are attracted to you."

This seems rather indicative of my current reflection on my life location and direction.

What are my goals? They reside in my spirit and are not absolutely concrete yet are a series of conditions that are met with newfound wonder at each profound perception. One that I was not expecting but excited by the prospects for discovering new frontiers in humanity and the enjoyment thereof.
The world is full of horrible atrocities perhaps only so that we rely more heavily on the positive energy that is felt among gatherings of empowerment, love, and appreciation for all things natural and God-made.

As I venture into the future, my current place actually tells me I'm doing just fine, with a little more tweaking and minor adjustments needed. Perhaps there's more that I'm unfamiliar with and I hope God would speak to me through the guidance of my loved ones and guardian angels.

I once had a discussion about the worthiness of honoring deceased loved ones through prayer. I was talking to a Bible christian (a "Bible christian" is someone who believes that only what the Bible says is the only infallible word of God) who thought it wasn't "Christian" to pray for spirits of deceased relatives to comfort and guide those in the flesh. As if to say, "how can you assume they're an angel and didn't burn in hell?" the Bible christian considered the "worship" of anything other than God and Jesus Christ as our only Savior, or the calling in prayer for a loved one's spirit, was satanic or voodoo-ey (that's not really a word, I know).

But it makes me wonder where the boundaries are - how far (down the rabbit hole) can "Christianity" go? Even more so, can it unlock the existential questions that persist as a result of the behavior of other "Christians"

Well, the direction I'm choosing to head in: discovery, knowledge, exploration - this is the true manifest nature, the natural inquisitiveness of human nature - thriving within me. How can I earn money at it? Or do I even need to earn money doing it? To depend on the system or to disengage from it? The severing of a leaching parasite that contributes little to no benefit to its host is a solution - are we afriad that we won't be able to survive without the parasite attached?

We, the people have nothing to fear.
Do not be discouraged.
In a fight for truth, mercy, and love, death does not disarm you, it only makes you more powerful.

God will help us in the struggle for truth, mercy, and love if we ask Him for help.


At 10:01 AM, June 27, 2006, Blogger christinieweenie said...

this is beautiful, you are too. I'm proud to know you.


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