Monday, December 12, 2005

Solar mends "fraying electric supply"

letter to the Washington Post

It’s unfortunate that Peter Behr’s concern for our electric supply does not include encouragement for solar energy [“Powerless” Dec. 11, Outlook B5]. The most accessible form of renewable energy, provided daily without interruption, is not subject to the whims of deregulated power companies looking to maximize profits. Our elected officials can choose to install photovoltaic panels on government buildings and give businesses and homeowners incentives to do the same as is widespread in states such as California and Oregon. Solar power tied into the grid also bypasses the daily reliance on transmission lines to bring power from distant sources. Instead, the power is generated where it is being used eliminating the efficiency loss from high-tension lines. Furthermore, DC’s building height restriction is highly conducive to uniform installation standards. Solar power is a good first step towards creating energy independence – if only our elected officials could see the light.


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