Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Topic for Got Soul Radio?

A widely publicized document is now ready for public scrutiny with the hopes that a solid ethical debate about the priorities of government spending and focus can take place.
15 March 2005
(pdf) - I guess this is the second part of the FINAL coordination. A 69-page Joint Chiefs of Staff document that basically says "If you don't express your loyalty to the US, you may be considered hostile and nuclear weapons can be used against you."

The US defense strategy
serves the national
objective of peace with

The US defense strategy aims to achieve four key goals that
guide the development of US forces capabilities
[nuclear WMD], their
development and use:

assuring allies and friends of the US
steadfastness of purpose and its capability to fulfill its security
commitment; -
who exactly is asking for this assurance? To whom is the security commitment owed?

dissuading adversaries from undertaking
programs or operations that could threaten US interests or those
of our allies and friends; -
Mutually Assured Destruction used to hold in check the nuclear leanings of the NATO and Warsaw Pact cold war standoff. This new one-sided threat assumes a dangerous posture of using nuclear without any similar negative response - a "we've got nothing to lose" mentality.

deterring aggression and coercion by
deploying forward the capacity to swiftly defeat attacks and
imposing sever penalties for aggression on an adversary’s military
capability and supporting infrastructure; and, decisively defeating
an adversary if deterrence fails. -
The intent here seems to be readiness of use is vital for victory.


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