Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Stay Tuned for Possible Radio Interview with Utah County Attorney


I am a journalism student with an assignment on civic life and faith. I would be very pleased to speak with someone from the Utah County Attorney's office this thursday or friday morning.
Sample questions - How did you get to be a county attorney?
What part of your faith or personal constitution is fulfilled by your work?
Is your workplace environment accepting of your spirituality - do you feel comfortable expressing your faith in the office?

I'm also compelled to ask about the recent rave bust that may or may not have been permitted correctly. You may have heard that a similar event was held in Cascade Locks, Oregon where a racist skinhead group allegedly misrepresented themselves on their permit application. That rally was conducted for two days "without incident" according to the police and the press.

I would very much appreciate your comments.

Addt.l question: When was the last time more than ten people were arrested together in Utah County?
Thank you.
I look forward to your e-mail or telephone response to schedule a recorded interview.
Best regards,


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