Monday, July 25, 2005


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I’ve been taught a great lesson tonight (but it really is the culmination of my life understanding – seeing as it has occurred most recent to me).
From time to time it is necessary for the preservation of human consciousness to disengage from one’s reality and explore the possibilities of humankind from perspectives different from one’s own.
It’s the experiences and thought transformations suggested, that help to create a greater appreciation for all of God’s creation. We are all alike in so many ways. Some are more able to share stories and relate to a greater variety of humans than others who have not yet opened themselves to the possibility of our human condition. We all need certain loves and acceptance, we all need spiritual guidance to navigate the unknown world – which paradoxically is a different reality for each human being. For those seeking to learn divine inspiration and understanding, the end result should always be universal and unconditional love for everything on this planet.


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