Saturday, July 23, 2005

with each passing hour

It seems I grow more enamored by Portland as I remember the fond appreciations that grew here. They are the little things - brief interactions on the bus, passing new neighbors on the street, they feel like the things that make a community - each individual keenly yet almost unconsciously aware - we are all part of a community. We as individuals color this beautiful peoplescape that is inspiring and endearing at the same time. There is social and/or natural stimulation at every corner.
I got my bike back today and was fully grateful for the fact that good use was made of it in my absence. It's almost like an instrument being played continually instead of being hidden in a closet somewhere (like my bass at mothers'). I'm grateful to Mike as he is to me and that's just beautiful.
A wonderful time was had by all tonight as Tara made an excellent soup and salad while Michael provided artwork stimulation and Matthew provided musical conversation, Lucy and Alex shared fabulous stories of Minnesota.


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