Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A reaction to Gas Price rage

A reaction to Gas Price rage:
The AP story by Tim Molloy (May 29, 2006) describes anger and frustruation directed at gas station attendants (who I suggest will be looking for protection if the level of hostility rises) shows a troublesome link to the values and ethics related to American disinformation about global peak oil.
The article does not mention the certainty of rising gas prices but does suggest,

"Consumers might finally be getting at least a temporary break at the pump. The latest figures released May 21 by the Lundberg Survey indicate the nationwide average price of self-serve regular fell about 1.45 cents in the previous two weeks to $2.93 a gallon — the first dip since the Feb. 24 price of $2.24 began to climb."

The article mentions several crimes and a death as a result of gas pump rage. As the oil demand crisis continues, gas station security will come to the fore.
This scenario calls for a local level response for community policing advocacy and other measures to ensure reliable and safe access to fuel. On the other hand, government action to secure or monitor gas stations, if wholly transparent to the citizens, could also provide for resource protection.
The funding for resource protection by any means should derive wholly from large corporations that cannot function in a benevolent and community-focused environment. Any corporation accused or found guilty of resource abuses, whether human or natural, of wrong-doing against the common good, should expect to bear the burden of any remediation necessary, this should include institutions of slavery and other system difficiencies. The reality is, our present socio-economic system cannot be sustained. Which brings me to the anger part of this phenomenon.

In a previous post, I pointed out the irony of Judeo-Christian values based communities where much of the gas station hostility is occurring, in choosing to ignore the real problem which is our own consumption. Gas guzzlers are the problem, CONSUMPTION is the problem. It's not the person selling the gas that's responsible for the price - consumer demand is how the market functions. In good times and in bad times. A responsible press will illustrate this point clearly as fundamental to basic macro-economics. In a demand-side economy which we've now entered into as a function of peak oil, reducing our consumption is the only way to reduce the price. The only other alternative is to say that military invasion is justified to satiate our selfish interest for material wealth and comfort! What benevolence! What humility!? How righteous are those who force the rest of God's Creation and their own offspring to pay the price of gluttonous consumption? All in the name of profit?!

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At 9:57 AM, June 27, 2006, Blogger christinieweenie said...

I'm calling the girl scouts! They aren't old enough to drive (therefore not consumers of anything other than cookies), represent the friendlier side of the word "troops", and we'll get the mega corporations to fund a merit badge for Gas Station Guardianship! I see it working. I'll keep you updated on my progress.


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